Revenues and Expenses for Siuslaw County

        Below are extracts from the Lane County Budget (wish list), Lane County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR - actual spending), and Lane County Popular Annual Financial Report (condensation of CAFR - marketing brochure).   These are provided in the "36Counties" menu section along with the similar financial reports of all of Oregon's 36 counties.   The numbers presented by Lane County cannot be independently verified, but do offer a coarse overview of "its" revenues and expenses.   {This web site will be updated when a group of concerned citizens renew the effort to create Siuslaw County.}

Please notice the following:

        33% Financial Tranactions:   money that moves from one office to another, from one year to another, that essentially fluffs up the overall budget and reduces the "real" money percentages to less than they really are. Following figures have an (x%) to show adjusted for this fluff.

        9% (13%) Taxes:   includes property, business, etc. taxes - Its only 13 cents of every dollar.

        3% (4%) Timber:   this is dropping to under 1% - the level based on actual federal timber receipts.

        28% (41%) Fees:   a major source and consisting of land use, building, business, park, court, etc. fees and permits - Those using services pay for services, think Public Works and counter charges.

        28% (42%) Grants/Contributions:   another major source consisting of Federal and State revenue sharing; and Federal, State, and private grants - Provides most county human services; think Public Safety, Health, and Welfare.

        Click here to open a tab with a short extract from the most current Lane County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) listing the actual revenues, expenses, and investments along with notes relating to Siuslaw County.

        Click here to open a tab with an extraction from the current Lane County Budget.   Some services are mandatory, some are optional in that the State will handle it if not done by the County, and the rest are voluntary.   Siuslaw County would start with those mandatory, consider those optional, and add in later voluntary services found appropriate to the coast.   (If you go directly to the full Lane County Budget, the extract start page #47 is actually page #56 in the Budget PDF file.)

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