From the Siuslaw News
05 November 2005 Edition
Letters to the Editor (Opinion)

Shoot Back

        Shoot 'em; don't be a victim!

        A while back while greatly enjoying a hike in the Herman Peak, area by myself, a heart-pounding (for me) blast of shotgun pellets was shot over my trail. Shotgun pellets all around! I hit the ground. Thank God none of them hit me. The fools kept shooting even as I kept yelling at them.

        I did call the sheriff. The reply: "We'll call you back in a few days." (When I left the area, the same people were still shooting.) When I told others in the community about this, everyone I spoke to had a similar story about the unresponsive "services" of Lane County to our area.

        Yeah, I know, they say more money, higher taxes, but really, are we going to be foolish and buy the same volley again and again? Do you like being shot at and being a victim? Do you know the very legal and carefully thought out hope and plan of giving us a choice of having our own representation by forming our own Siuslaw County?

        Read the letter being sent to registered voters about a legal way to do some effective work. Shoot back. We need responsive representation.

Nancy Nice, Florence, Oregon