Your New County will Focus on Essentials

        Safe - Your new coastal county would have “resident” its own Sheriff, patrol deputies, Judge, DA, courts, health & human services, and other essential programs.   Our current resident deputy is part of a federal grant that expires July 2013; and, he is tasked primarily with patrolling the dunes.

        Local - Your new coastal county would have its offices, facilities, and workers conveniently here on the coast.   The jobs transferred will benefit our economy with salaries earned/spent on the coast.

        Equitable - Your new coastal county would assure fairness in receiving the county services you are paying for.   The Highway 126 tunnel represents a cultural divide that separates us from Eugene; and our fair share of public safety resources and other public services.   Some liken the tunnel to a worm hole separating the coastal communities from the valley; thus we are easily ignored.

        Affordable - Your new coastal county would not be burdened with over 160 years of questionable Eugene-centric decisions which have dramatically increased the cost of providing critical public safety and other essential services.   The current fees, taxes, and federal/state revenue sharing generated by the coast and used by Eugene would remain on the coast to the benefit of the coastal communities.   County services are allocated by funding and population; the coastal area has 5% the people, provides approximately 12% of the funding, and yet only receives 2-3% of the total county services.

        Representative - Your new coastal county would provide 100% representation in deciding county level issues versus the current 5% the coast receives under Lane County.   The 5% is based upon our choosing only one of the five commissioners, and then being only 25% of West Lane County who elect the Commissioner representing West Lane County.   The West Lane District Commissioner is primarily elected by and serves the voters of the western greater Eugene area and its surrounding towns.

        Oregon Revised Statues 202 allows the formation of a new county by a majority of the registered voters signing a petition for and then voting in favor of the proposed new county.   ONLY those LIVING in the new coastal county area may sign/vote.   The assets, liabilities, and funding portion the coast now provides Lane County would then be transferred to our elected representatives and their administration.

    Safe - Local - Equitable - Affordable - Representative