Your New County Takes Only 10 Minutes To Establish

Since the mid-1800's, the coastal communities have been taxed and regulated by the distant and culturally different Eugene/Springfield urban community while denied county services and effective representation.   Lane County may be again subdivided to separate out the coastal region named Siuslaw County with the full package of county services.   It requires only ten minutes of time by those registered voters of the coastal region of Lane County to make the break.   No additional taxes are required; and, those only benefitting Eugene/Springfield can be eliminated.

Florence currently has roughly 6% of Lane County's population, is responsible for 12% of Lane County's revenue, and is lucky if it sees 3% of that 12% spent toward the coastal communities.   Except for a coastal Road Crew Facility and Justice Court, all other County services have long been moved to the Eugene/Springfield area.   Most access to Lane County services and functions requires the coastal residents to commute to Eugene.   Meanwhile, county public safety on the coast remains virtually non-existent.   The Eugene/Springfield-centered Lane County considers Florence to be a distant galaxy on the other side of a worm hole (Hwy 126 tunnel).

Eugene/Springfield has three of the five elected members of the County Board of Commissioners.   The Western and Eastern Commissioners have most of their constituents in the suburbs and near towns around Eugene/Springfield.   The coastal area represents 25% of the voters of one West Lane County Commissioner, who is then only 20% of the Board of Commissioners, giving the coast only a 5% political position to get county support for the coast.   For over 100 years, Florence has served Eugene/Springfield as a slave serves its master; the coast provides much, get little back, and its concerns are ignored.

Lane County has been subdivided many times with the current settled in 1854.   There have been coastal community movements to further divide Lane County since then to gain coastal self-determination, county services, and representative taxation.   This web site is provided by Keith Stanton who retired to the Florence area in 2003 and immediately felt the impact of being part of the orphaned coastal area.   The greater Florence coastal area has become a prime retirement location in recent decades.   Retired populations tend to avoid political involvement though are the most negatively impacted from lack of county services.   Lane County continues to increase taxes, increase fees, and increase fines while ignoring coastal concerns.   A new County will result in no new taxes since all Lane County gets from/for the coastal area will be transferred to the new county.   What is collected from and by the coast then remains to serve the coast as it should be; taxation with true representation.

It will take 5 minutes for each of the 50%+1 registered voters to sign a petition to place this on the ballot.   It will take a second 5 minutes for each of the 50%+1 voting to make the new county official.   Only those in the affected area, the coastal 480 square miles, may sign the petition and vote on the ballot.   10 minutes means no new taxes and a return of full county services.   The coast would then enjoy a locally elected local Board of Commissioners, Sheriff with local deputies providing Public Safety, full legal system using the local Courthouse, Clerk with a local Records office, Tax Assessor with local Survey office, and so much more.   The staff will consist totally of local community members thus also providing additional jobs in the greater Florence area where the potential county facilities currently exist.

After that 10 minutes, the "formation" committee will haggle with Lane County with the force of the Oregon National Guard (per Oregon Revised Statutes) to take away its "portion" of Lane County's revenue and assets to initialize Siuslaw County.   The Florence Justice Center is already a 911 dispatch center, a Courthouse only used by the Justice (civil) cases, a sharable Jail as a holding facility, vacant office space for Public Safety and County offices, and fiber optic internet facilities.   In Florence is already the Lane County coastal road crew with the equipment and facility that handles the coastal country road maintenance and the Justice Court.   The coastal people helped pay for the County Prison in Eugene and would claim a portion/agreement to house the very few criminals of the coastal area.   Essentially, the physical plant needs are already available having been mostly abandoned by Lane County as they eliminated services on the coast.

Besides bringing back to the coastal Lane County area the full set of county services, the new county will be "restarting" the labor costs.   There is no obligation Siuslaw County participate in the greatest financial drain of existing tax districts - PERS.   If a pension program is deemed appropriate by our locally elected County Commissioners, they can offer the more appropriate "contribution" based system.   With that form, the County's financial burden ends the day the worker leaves Siuslaw County employment.   Most of the recent increases in taxes and user fees have been to meet the growing appetite of Lane County PERS.   Siuslaw County will have more funds available to provide better county services than experienced by those living in Eugene/Springfield where Lane County operates dragged down by 160 years of outdated decisions.

Those wanting to participate should join the free discussion MeetUp group Siuslaw County Split Off.   You may also reach Keith Stanton via the SCO contact page.     Keith Stanton, CCP

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