Your New County and Ultimate Solution

This web site was started by myself in 2005 as part of a quick-n-simple petition drive.   As it turned out, the coastal people want a comprehensive and expensive campaign with independent surveys, studies, and so forth before considering any options.   As stated in 2005, Lane County will continue to increase taxes, fees, and fines while continuing to decrease county services to our coastal communities.   This would take the taxes/fees/grants/etc. Lane County gets from/for our area giving control over it to the coastal people.   The coastal portion of the current Lane County becoming its own County would gain the full set of County functions like its own elected/manned Public Safety (court and sheriff) with NO additional cost.

Interest was temporarily rekindled in 2012 following one of my Letters to the Editor and knowing Lane County was going to place yet another tax increase on the May 2013 ballot.   Differences of opinion and personality together with lack of dedication to the process prevented any forward movement.   The next rekindled interest must emphatically adhere to Robert's Rules of Order established to keep forward positive movement and accepting the members inside these groups will always be contentious.   Differences in opinion are what produces the best outcome.   This web site will remain dormant until it once again is brought into use by the next group effort.   All efforts to be open participation, transparent operations, and community interest driven.   Those wanting to participate can reach me via the contact page.     Keith Stanton, CCP

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