Links Of Interest

Oregon Constitution
Oregon Revised Statutes
ORS: Establishment of New Counties
Oregon Blue Book (state government handbook)
SOS: 1-page history on Lane County
LC: Lane Home Rule Charter (only 9 of 36 Counties have HRC)
LC: Lane Code (HRC->Code->Manual->Procedures)
LC: Lane Manual (think of as regulations to implement Lane Code)
LC: Lane Administrative Procedures Manual (internal procedures to implement Lane Manual)
LC: 2010-2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (actual spending in government accounting double-talk)
LC: 2012-2013 Annual Budget Report (wish list of revenue/expenditures in government accounting double-talk)
LC: 2010-2011 Property tax related reports (10% of LC revenue)

National Association of Counties
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
Association of Oregon Counties (full directories and more)
        Oregon County map with links to county home pages
Association of O&C Counties (~25% of public lands are O&C timber)
Lane Council Of Governments
LC: Lane About
LC: Lane Home
LC: Lane Departments
LC: Lane Citizen Advisory Committees

'Philosophy of Liberty' animation by Ken Schoolland (Adventures of Jonathan Gullible)

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