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        Much of the current effort is to search and analyize information on the viability of cutting a coastal county out of Lane County.   To compare the proposed Siuslaw County, requires obtaining the information from Lane County of its operations.   Lane County spends a great deal of manhours to avoid answering inquiries anor provide records.   Case in point; the Lane Code and Lane Manual are available on its web site while not their Administrative Procedures Manual.   After spending an estimated 10 manhours explaining why it did not exist, then was not available, and finally would be expensive to provide; the County finally admitted it was located in a computer directory and spent the 10 minutes needed to provide it as originally requested.   To the question of what information is maintained on county workers regarding their compensation such as "LastName" and "PERS", the response has been that any such information if it exists at all is proprietary and thus will not be divulged.   If you want to regain control of your county, get involved and consider also assisting in creating a new break-off coastal county.

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"Every person has a right to inspect any public record of a public body in this state, except as otherwise expressly provided..." Oregon Public Records Law

"THE SPIRIT OF OREGONS PUBLIC RECORDS LAW - The state of Oregon has a policy of openness. The most important advocate for open government is the public itself. The news media often acts on the publics behalf in seeking public records to inform citizens about the work done in their name. Individual citizens also perform this watchdog function using the public records law to inform themselves about how well the government is functioning."

"Open records laws that are effective and well-understood are a fundamental component of democracy. Oregon's law ensures that public agencies conduct affairs in a transparent and accountable manner and provide that citizens have access to public processes." Hardy Myers; Oregon Attorney General

"Government can only serve the people when citizens have the tools they need to witness it in action. Public records give every American those crucial tools." Bill Bradbury; Oregon Secretary of State, Honorary Co-Chair, Open Oregon

"Conflicts can occur when record keepers are unaccustomed to requests or don't realize that their only concern should be whether the law exempts that record or information from disclosure."

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